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The MARRAHAUS Heilbronn is to enhance the city centre and open new perspectives to those residents and visitors interested in culture and gastronomy. The vibrancy and mood of the surroundings will be captured in the facade and integrated within its design. Thus, according to the visual axis, various pictures will emerge which characterise life in the town and, in their unique and exciting composition, invite one, time and again, to linger and explore.
Antonio Marra scouted the location during the course of many visits to Heilbronn at different seasons of the year. With sensitivity, he is adapting the facade’s design to the setting, creating both an exciting contrast and a harmonious overall effect at one and the same time. The design of the facade construction was drafted in close cooperation with architect Alexander Schleifenheimer, together with a committee of experts appointed by the City of Heilbronn.
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The artist Antonio Marra, commissioned to design the facade, transports his well-studied principle of “multi-perspectival painting” to provide an independent structural variation to the theory of polychromatic textile wall cladding, which he has elevated to a new architectural level. Marra achieves the spatially dynamic effect of counter-shifting textures through the haptic structuring of the painting’s surface, a principle which can be well transported to the architectural level. The spatial effect of Antonio Marra’s three-dimensional surface design as applied to virtual space is impressively clear from the completed sample construction. Attaching Antonio Marra to the project has, moreover, fulfilled the key quality demand of ensuring a highly aesthetic colour design. His professional repertoire, perfected over many years of painting, evokes discerning reactions in the colour scheme of the facades within the surrounding urban planning.


To explain the project, Antonio Marra uses artistically created three-dimensional sample boards, as well as perfect scale models, which clearly demonstrate the spatial effect. Thereby, the lammellae were inserted into a wooden construction in their original format, and furnished with an anthracite-coloured backwall (to later correspond to the colour of the building). This allows the original colour combination and the left-to-right, frontal effect to be tested. The influences of direct sunlight, realistic distances and dynamic perspective are likewise evocative. The MARRHAUS facade reflects the vitality, vibrancy and mood of its surroundings and this is incorporated within the project design. Thus, depending on the visual axis, various pictures appear, their unique and thrilling composition inviting one to look, linger and always discover something new.

With sensitivity, Antonio Marra is adapting the respective façade to its background: lively and muted, expressive and restrained - the facades complement each other playfully, creating a thrilling counterpoint and yet a harmonious overall picture; offering a connection to the city and surrounding nature. The building accompanies the viewer on his path, constantly changing its appearance, offering new stimulus and enhancing the location’s unique characteristics. The façade continually changes its face, light and the time of day influencing visual perception and making each encounter with the MARRAHAUS Heilbronn into a new adventure.



The 47 different colours have been applied to 16,970 lamellae. Two colour lamellae are furthermore mounted onto a base profie - i.e. there are a total of 8,485 base profiles.

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